Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we've had many questions about how we acquire land, what we do with that land, and how our supporters benefit from their donations. This is an attempt to answer those questions and an invitation to contact us with any questions we may have overlooked.


+ What is a land trust? What does the warren land trust do?

A land trust is a private, non-profit organization that actively works to conserve land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic or agricultural value. The Warren Land Trust acquires land and conservation easements so land can be preserved in its natural state for the benefit of the community and the environment.

+Is the Land Trust part of the Warren town government?

No. We may share the objectives of and work with town officials or departments, but we are an independent, non-profit organization.

+ Why does the Land Trust want to conserve land?

Members and Directors of the Land Trust believe that Warren’s forests, fields, waterways and wetlands are key aspects of the town’s character and should be preserved. We do not oppose development; we are advocates of carefully and thoughtfully managed development that respects the natural environment.

+ How does the Land Trust conserve land?

We conserve land by means of land purchases, land donations, and land conservation easements.

+ Does the Warren Land Trust ever purchase land?

Most land owned by the Land Trust has been donated to us. But we may purchase land either on our own or with outside support in the form of grant funding or dedicated donations so that a parcel of special interest to the neighborhood and the Land Trust may be purchased by the Land Trust. Any land purchased by the Land Trust must meet our selection criteria and be appraised to make sure we are paying no more than the fair market value of the land.

+ What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently restricts aspects of land use in order to protect such conservation values as open space or agricultural usage. Landowners retain ownership of their property and, currently, receive a tax deduction for easing their land. After a conservation easement signed by both parties, it is recorded by the Warren Town Clerk.

+ Are Warren Land Trust properties accessible to the public?

Almost all of our Preserves are accessible to the public (Conservation Easements are not - they remain private property). Check out the "Explore" section of this website for more information.

+ What is an accredited land trust and why is it important?

The accreditation seal stands for Excellence - Trust - Permanence.
The seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation. It is awarded to land trusts meeting the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence. Each accredited land trust completes a rigorous review process and joins a network of organizations united by strong ethical practices. This trusted network of land trusts has demonstrated fiscal accountability, strong organizational leadership, sound transactions and lasting stewardship of the lands they conserve. The seal is awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a program of the Land Trust Alliance to build and recognize strong land trusts, foster public confidence in land conservation and help ensure the long-term protection of land.